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Edward Charlton, Clicky Clicky Music Blog

Bursting forth with the ferocity of Link Wray's meanest, tobacco-spitting moments comes Boston's Royal Wedding. The trio's dilapidated, guttural, rockabilly skronk quickly drew us into its latest release, Inhabitants. The EP touts six skeletal and electrifying numbers. Echoed, harsh and dangerous-sounding effects fly from each instrument, but paint-by-numbers rock-shock sleaze Royal Wedding is not. Each song from the threesome's EP carries wisps of driving, atonal no-wave, like opener "S.C.U.M," the primal intensity of which recalls O.G. heroes like Mars or early Sonic Youth in the clean, serrated chops of tangled guitar. Elsewhere, singer Eric Boomhower's voice delightfully proves to be a dead-ringer for Thurston Moore at his most engaging on songs including "Inhabitants" (which calls to mind Moore indulging Ramones-referencing yelps and vocal ticks in the late '80s). "The Many Phases" boasts such colossal delay on the mix in its early moments that the song nearly assumes a dub reggae posture. It's no secret that this reviewer greatly appreciates the repurposing of genre signifiers within a broad spectrum of popular styles. It's this ever-evolving conversation that creates most worthwhile contemporary music. It's also the stylistic bent that makes Royal Wedding's no-wave rockabilly fusion deserving of all the attention and praise it can get. Somebody get this band in a studio with Wharton Tiers!


released March 22, 2013

Recorded on reel to reel at the Berwick Roxbury Ma.
Eric Boomhower - vocals & guitar
Andy Abrahamson - drums & drum effects
Colin Asquith - bass



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Royal Wedding Boston, Massachusetts

Echoey, lo-fi rock that’d make the perfect soundtrack for a drug fueled road trip through the desert. -

Garage rock turned inside out. Acoustic drums trigger electronic drums feeding a pair of upended Roland Jazz Chorus amps. Guitars & vocals echo while the bass rumbles along. They sound like the house band in my imaginary post-apocalyptic rock & roll film. -
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